Sunday, September 14, 2008

Do You Know - Country Album by Jessica Simpson

Jessica SimpsonJessica Simpson made many promotional appearances to show her country crossover. Do You Know is the sixth studio album by pop singer Jessica Simpson, it is her first effort in an attempt to crossover to country music.

The first single Come on Over sharing a title with Shania, but the similarity ends here. She has noted Martina McBride and Shania Twain among her inspirations. The album's lead-off single, Come On Over was Simpson's first release to country radio, peaking at number 18 on the country charts in 2008.

Come on Over the first single was written by Jessica, Rachel Proctor, and Victoria Banks. Jessica had a hand in penning almost every song on the album, joining some of the best songwriters in Nashville. Some songs such as Still Beautiful and When I Loved You Like That have a sound and vibe of some of her old songs.

The album was produced by Grammy Award winning songwriter Brett James and famed producer John Shanks. The Boston Herald said the effort "represents the worst in a genre that’s come to deify Michael Bolton schmaltz while kicking Hank Williams’ legacy to the curb," and awarded it a grade of D.

  1. Come on Over - 2:54
  2. Remember That - 3:44
  3. Pray Out Loud - 3:45
  4. You're My Sunday - 4:40
  5. Sipping on History - 4:14
  6. Still Beautiful - 3:44
  7. Still Don't Stop Me - 3:27
  8. When I Loved You Like That - 4:06
  9. Might as Well Be Making Love - 3:51
  10. Man Enough - 4:19
  11. Do You Know duet with Dolly Parton - 5:04

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