Thursday, January 15, 2009

Black & Blue

album black and blueBlack & Blue is the fourth album by Backstreet Boys but their third U.S. album release. Five songs co-written by members of the group, plus two songs "The Answer to Our Life," and "Time" written by all five Backstreet Boys.

A radio remix for "More Than That" was made, as well as the music video. The main difference between the versions is an alternate percussion track, and generally remixed levels.

In the United States, Black & Blue sold 1.6 million discs in its first week of release, making them the first group in Soundscan history to have million-plus first-week sales with back-to-back albums.
It was Released on November 21, 2000.
You can find the lyrics of Black & Blue here

Track listing
  • The Call (Max Martin, Rami) – 3:26
  • Shape of My Heart (Max Martin, Lisa Miskovsky, Rami) – 3:53
  • Get Another Boyfriend (Max Martin, Rami) – 3:08
  • Shining Star (Carter, Dorough, Frederik Jernberg, Pontus Wennerberg) – 3:26
  • I Promise You (With Everything I Am) (Hill) – 4:25
  • The Answer To Our Life (Carter, Dorough, Littrell, McLean, Richardson) – 3:20
  • Everyone (Kristian Lundin, Andreas Carlsson) – 3:33
  • More Than That (Anders, Jernberg, Wennerberg) – 3:46
  • Time (Carter, Dorough, Littrell, McLean, Richardson) – 3:58
  • Not For Me (Kristian Lundin, Andreas Carlsson) – 3:18
  • Yes I Will (Kieruf, McLean, Schwartz) – 3:52
  • It's True (Max Martin, Andreas Carlsson, Kevin Richardson) – 4:16
  • How Did I Fall In Love With You (Dorough, Fromm, MacColl) – 4:08

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